Son stabbed “amazing” mum 33 times leaving terminally ill dad to find body

A grieving son says “words will never explain the heartache, anger, pain and sadness” left behind after his mum was stabbed to death by his brother.

Carol Milne, 59, was stabbed 33 times by her son Jordan, 26, in their home in Aberdeen last June.

Her body was found by her husband Norman who was suffering from a brain tumour at the time and has since died before seeing justice done.

Jordan Milne pleaded guilty to culpable homicide in the High Court in Glasgow on Friday.

Her other son Curtis said the last 19 months had been “harrowing”, with “so many questions and not enough answers.”

An emotional statement read: “It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the guilty plea accepted at court today despite my belief that it is not the right outcome.

“I have lost my mum and my best friend. We love and miss her so, so much every day. I will never forget how amazing she was as my mum, as a wife, a sister and as a friend – and we want everyone to know what a special person she was and that she was taken from us all far too soon.

“My father dealt with a terminal illness for just under two and a half years. He was very positive and upbeat despite this as he had his wife by his side giving him strength every day.

“Following the tragic incident, he declined both physically and mentally and had no will to live. Sadly he passed away this month and did not get the chance to see any justice.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Police Scotland for their sympathy and support when I needed it most, as well as every single person who has sent or posted messages of support – this has been a genuine comfort.”

The court heard in the week’s before her killing, Carol had feared for her safety because of Jordan’s aggressive behaviour and constant demands for money.

She called the police on June 22, 2019 and she was worried he might damage her car or house after she refused him money.

However her son Milne told officers she was overreacting to a minor argument of him drinking the last of the milk.

Two days later she called the police again and said her son had mental health problems and needed to go to a psychiatric hospital.

She was told to contact NHS 24 and dial 101 as “on the information provided, it wasn’t a life-threatening situation.”

The court was told Milne and his parents watched a wildlife programme on July 10, 2019.

Norman Milne left his wife and son watching the television and went to bed and took a sleeping tablet.

The next morning, he found his wife’s body lying on the floor with a kitchen knife next to her.

A post-mortem examination revealed 33 stab wounds to Carol’s face, neck, torso, arms and upper back as well as scolding from a kettle of water.

When quizzed by police Milne told them his mother was evil.

Milne, who has no children, claimed she had prevented him from seeing his two children, and wanted him to be gay.

Miss Gray said: “He said he suffered from mental health problems, contemplated suicide many times, and wouldn’t hurt a fly unless provoked.”

Milne was examined psychiatrists and it was agreed he suffered from a “mental disorder that had the effect of diminishing responsibility.”

Judge Lord Burns deferred sentence on Milne, who appeared via a video link, and sent him to the State Hospital under an interim compulsion order.

Detective Inspector Gary Winter, of Police Scotland’s Major Investigation Team, said: “Our thoughts are with Carol’s family and friends as they continue to come to terms with her tragic and needless loss.

“Carol was brutally stabbed and killed in her bedroom by her son Jordan. Jordan was apprehended by police shortly after the incident and has been in custody ever since.

“Subsequent examination by various psychiatrists has concluded that Jordan was suffering from a mental disorder at the time and that had the effect of diminishing his responsibility, hence the conviction for culpable homicide.”